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JB FM Feat. Lil Soulja

Selena Gomez - Same Old Love (Audio)

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2015-09-10 03:49 73,900,312 YouTube

Justin no Fahlo: "Isso não é fácil lol"


2014-09-29 00:58 2,907 YouTube

Baby- JB

happy april fools day!

2010-04-01 03:12 12,905 YouTube

Justin Bieber through the years

It's JB throughout his life. All ur fans love u Justin! Follow me on twitter @katie8303 subscribe on YouTube katieflips131 music used-Down to Earth, that should ...

2011-03-27 07:40 428 YouTube

Us JB Girls On Air With JoJo On KIIS FM

Us Jonas Brothers fans made a quick stop at KIIS FM studios to talk to JoJo. Part 2 hopefully is coming soon. We actually got brought up to the studio after but it ...

2008-02-05 01:42 493 YouTube

sweet little baby jb(pazaway @ da church)

love u so much my love jb.

2008-11-13 02:30 63 YouTube

Justin Bieber Skateboarding

visit my channel and SUBSCRIBE. by the official fan of JB. kiss.

2010-03-04 01:37 51 YouTube

Baby Pics of JB

awww! with music from the notebook ( i dont own anything)

2009-02-15 02:25 155 YouTube

Thinking Of You w/ lyrics

Subscribe/Rate /Comment Comparisons are easily done Once you've had a taste of perfection Like an apple hanging from a tree I picked the ripest one I still got ...

2009-02-02 04:18 6,870 YouTube

JLS-Beat Again Live

2009-07-12 00:44 595 YouTube