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Wp Admin/wp Admin/admin Ajax.php/wp Info.php

Wp admin ajax Exploit By Benyamin

Wp admin ajax config Grabber (WordPress Multiple Themes Arbitrary File Download) http://iranhack.org/acc/thread-2496-post-6764.html#pid6764.

2014-09-23 01:45 1,370 YouTube

wordpress Exploit 0day

download code: http://pastebin.com/0JcRMv8m Google DORK: inurl:admin-ajax.php?action=revslider_show_image -intext:"revslider_show_image" php ...

2015-09-04 03:34 2,562 YouTube

WP create custom table and insert data in front end

WordPress is web software you can utilize to make a beautiful web site, blog, or app. We wish to sound out that WordPress is both free and invaluable at the ...

2016-03-14 09:26 24,031 YouTube

How to build a WordPress database table | lynda.com

This WordPress tutorial discusses how to make a new database table with the Create Table statement. Watch more at ...

2010-11-08 07:27 32,763 YouTube

The requested URL wp-admin was not found on this server. (WordPress)

Infos sur la vidéo: The requested URL wp-admin was not found on this server. (WordPress) ╚▻ Tutoriel: http://lc.cx/ZraN ╚▻ Mon YouTube: http://lc.cx/5Cg ...

2015-09-20 03:46 60,747 YouTube

Exploit Wordpress 2016

الدوركات inurl:wp-content inurl:wp-content/themes/ inurl:wp-content inurl:revslider inurl:wp-content intext:revslider.php inurl:wp-content intext:revslider_front.php ...

2016-03-13 02:40 3,318 YouTube

WordPress 101 - Part 13: Create and manage the Pagination in your blog loop

Thirteenth lesson of the series WordPress 101 for Beginner Developers, Create and manage the Pagination in your blog loop. Learn how to build a Theme from ...

2015-07-12 24:50 23,254 YouTube

Wordpress QaEngine Theme Exploit Add User Admin By Hackaholic

This video demonstrate how to exploit wordpress QaEngine theme. This Exploit add user with administrator role. Dork and exploit: ...

2015-06-23 05:26 1,703 YouTube

How to Create Login Page that Redirects Based on User Role

https://www.caspio.com - Learn how to create a login page that redirects users based on their user role. In this video, we'll show you how to create single a login ...

2014-03-17 13:31 56,561 YouTube

Hacking Websites with SQL Injection - Computerphile

Websites can still be hacked using SQL injection - Tom explains how sites written in PHP (and other languages too) can be vulnerable and have basic security ...

2013-10-09 08:59 1,007,637 YouTube